VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

VAT consultancy services VAT consultancy services in UAE: From January 2018 the UAE is aiming to implement VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT is an indirect tax which is to be paid by the consumers and collected by businesses. The VAT will be applicable for most of the goods and services. The UAE government has exempted food items, healthcare services and education from VAT. To comply with VAT and related legal requirements businesses need to make changes in their existing processes and before 1st January 2018.

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VAT Consultants | OBM

OBM delivers premier quality VAT consultancy services to UAE businesses required expertise from VAT professionals. Our foremost VAT consultants will ensure a timely and cost effective VAT services for your business.

The most important aspect the companies have to look forward is to ensure that your accounts or records are well managed to comply with new VAT regulations. Our VAT Consultancy Services provide you with the assistance in acquiring control over business affairs, invoices, stock levels and inventory and also other records. Our VAT Consultants ensure that filing system is proper and efficient and the accounting software can comply with VAT regulations.

As though VAT is new in the UAE, most of the businesses find it a challenging task to manage VAT obligations. As the business expands there is so much to consider in accordance with VAT. OBM VAT consultants act as a partner and guide you in all VAT jurisdictions. OBM advises on both simple and complex compliance issues throughout UAE through effective VAT structure and VAT schemes.

Every business requires practical support to make sure that the decisions made by them are not hindered by VAT issues. Our wide range of VAT consultancy services provides advice’s on VAT and other relevant indirect taxes.

OBM provides VAT Advisory Services, VAT registration and compliance services, Tax Optimization and also training to deal with VAT issues.


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