How to register for VAT in UAE

How to register for VAT

register for VATHow to register for VAT in UAE: The UAE is on the way to implement VAT from January 2018. Now the businesses are getting ready to register for VAT. From 1st January 2018 5% VAT will be applied for both goods and services. VAT is a tax charged from consumers or customers.

Though there are some exemptions, VAT will be implemented on most of the dealings. The organizations or businesses having the annual turnover more than the specified limit have to register for the VAT. The businesses / organizations exceed the threshold of AED 375,000 will have to register for VAT and voluntary at least AED 187,500.

The businesses can register for VAT in any region of the country using the online services. The VAT registration is enabled to an individual, a company or any other commercial authority. The process is similar for all the different entities. The documents required for VAT registration differs from individuals to corporates. The basic document required for VAT registration includes the proof of business and a request letter signed by the individual or a company authority.

VAT registration

VAT registration procedures:

  • Visit the website of Ministry of Finance –
  • In the menu select Services and select the sector which is applicable for you.
  • From the sector select VAT and TAX certificates.
  • After selecting the VAT you can see Service Description Card​​​​ and download it.
  • Select the Start Service option from the horizontal sub menu.
  • After registration and login the applicant will reach the customer landing page
  • As mentioned on the screen, complete the tasks and select Create New Tax Request.
  • A confirmation window will be opened after filling the details.
  • After completing the process you will get directed to payment section. Pay the VAT registration fees.

Here completes VAT registration.

After registering for VAT the authorities will be monitoring business records & transactions. OBM provides assistance and guidance in VAT related financial management and book keeping.