Want to get a VAT refund? Check out these steps

When can you claim for a VAT refund?

VAT refund

VAT refund can be made when the input tax is greater than the output tax on a VAT return. VAT refund request can be given after the submission of VAT return (VAT return summarizes the VAT due to the FTA for the tax period).

The FTA will review the refund application and notify the taxable person of its decision to accept or reject the refund claim within 20 business days, from the application being submitted.  The Authority will notify the applicant if it requires longer period than 20 business days to consider the application.

Steps in claiming refund:

  • Login to FTA e-services portal using the username and password
  • Under the ‘VAT’ tab click ‘VAT Refunds’ and then access the ‘VAT Refund Request’
  • Complete the form and submit it

The basic details will be pre-populated in the form based on the information provided in the User profile so the applicant must be accurate about the details.

The applicant will be receiving email notification from FTA as a result of the application submitted. Once the claim is approved by the FTA, the amount will be refunded within 5 business days.

After receiving the confirmation email from the Authority, check the balance through ‘My Payment’ tab under the transaction history, the amount refunded will be mentioned. If you have any doubt during this process call us on 00971-4-331-2332

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