CFO Services

We offer CFOs to companies for a brief period in which they require the services of such a high profile executive. This service enables many companies to take a hard look at their business strategies and to reinvent themselves, often leading to a good jump in ROI and productivity across the organisation.

Project Reports

If you want to raise bank-credit or start a new project, Project Reports will be required to kick-start the process. We could sit with you to understand your requirement and come up with project reports that would exactly suit your requirement.

Accounting services

Your business might not require the service of a full-time accounts department, as is the case for many of the small and medium enterprises. Our accounting services would be of great use as you could call the services from us as and when required and would be billed only for the actual effort involved for the assigned tasks. Such a facility could help you in cost savings and efficiency enhancements.

Audit Drafts

As the Kingdom is moving towards a more tax compliant environment, Audit Drafts services provided by us are in great demand as the CAs and CPAs rely on this service to make their life easier and to ensure accuracy: a professional team would be preparing audit drafts for them. This service consists of preparing financial statements including Profit-Loss statements and Balance Sheets.

Management Consulting

We would be the right partner for you in achieving growth through strategies that befit your business vision. We can help you from the idea stage of a business to its fruition and during expansion to more geographies and segments. If you want to study a new market segment or geography or implement cost-savings programs or widen sales channels, we could help you in that. Even if you prefer to have a BOT model in which the reigns of the business would rest with you after the early stages of establishing a business, we have perfect solutions for that. All stages of a business, starting from the idea stage, company registration, market study, strategy development, and final rolling-out could be carried out efficiently by us.x

Raising funds

A lot of effort and managerial expertise is required during the fund raising phase of a business. You have to prepare your company for due diligence from potential investors, thus requiring handholding of your employees and management team. You can trust to assist you in this phase by assisting in all the financial report requirements, operational review, employee-readiness efforts, and stock audits. We have the capability to bring potential investors to your doorsteps.

Tax Consulting

Tax is a thorny issue for many businesses and they often realize the cost of not employing a good tax consultant; very late. Even though normal accounting could be carried out by a company’s own division, streamlining of tax practices would require expert management. We could help you in this and guide you through the new tax introductions and optimize your tax saving. You can entrust us for carrying out tasks like calculating the right amount of tax, getting refunds on time, claiming the input tax, and bookkeeping.