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finance management and accounting services in UAE

Ongoing pressures to enhance business performance have prompted many finance executives to look for new approaches, including outsourcing of the finance & accounting organization. OBM is perfectly suited to help your company transform into a high-performance organization that streamlines processes, maintains compliance and cuts costs, all while permitting you concentrate on your core competencies and develop your business. At OBM, you can get part time accounting services and freelance accounting services in UAE region at an affordable price.

Accounting Services In UAE and Accounting Consultants in UAE

Financial organizations are forced to align towards more justifiable and expectable finance and accounting models because of indeterminate business environment and expanding regulatory compliance. OBM delivers the most comprehensive, resourceful, and cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting services for your business with the help of an enthusiastic team of seasoned accounting managers and greatly skilled accounts professionals. freelance accounting services in UAE, part time accounting services in UAE

Invoice processing service

Invoice processing plays a crucial role in your enterprise's future, as inappropriate invoices can have great impact on your enterprise's rankings and customer satisfaction metrics. With managing invoice processing, your enterprise can benefit from better business operations with systematic, timely and accurate invoice management. OBM receives the scanned invoices from the client and ensures the accuracy of both invoices and figures. After which, our team imports the figures into your accounts payable system by using a file transfer protocol.

Preparing financial statements

Financial statement preparation is one of the final steps in the accounting cycle, which can benefit measure the success of business operations over a period of time. A true and fair representation of Financial Statements are required by any organisation in order to facilitate tax preparation and auditing procedures usually carried out at the end of the year / quarter. At OBM, our qualified accountants can provide GAAP and IFRS-compliant statements of income, retained earnings, balance, owner equity and cash flow, and is composed using data from the accounting journal and the general ledger.

Quicken accounting services

Lack of a tighter financial control, most businesses drain money without knowing where the actual problem lies. Consequently, for small businesses and entrepreneurs, managing cash flow and everyday financial operations is as important as growing the business itself. Managing through an expert accounting service provider can assist you in money management and save you from the administrative stress of maintaining Quicken business software. With a team of accountants and financial analysts, OBM can guarantee a smooth transition of your specific accounting operations.

NetSuite Accounting services

NetSuite accounting software is more than simply accounting software. It joins features such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Customer relationship management (CRM), Ecommerce software capabilities, Inventory management and Accounting to deliver a complete business driven application. OBM can work with your organization in dealing with your business financial needs using NetSuite.

Cash flow management services

Effective cash management system is a key to deal with your business. Cash flow management or cash flow forecasting is a tedious and bulky process that needs great dedication and precision of information. Cash flow management / credit management is important to not only to small businesses but to enterprises of all sizes. OBM offers customized services that suites the exact requirement of each client.

Peachtree accounting services

Peachtree accounting software is one of the world's most exhaustive accounting solutions that is used to deal with a company's complete finances and accounting. Peachtree's accounting services are particularly focussed towards industries by catering to their customized requirements. OBM and its team of experienced professionals are well positioned to handle industry particular accounting needs, in accordance to the Peachtree package.

Sage BusinessVision accounting services

Sage BusinessVision software is a general application that can shorten critical back-end operations of business - from simple everyday accounting, payroll management, financial reporting, purchase/ billing and business intelligence to cash flow management. If you are looking at adopting Sage accounting software for your business, or considering managing your existing financial systems, OBM can help you out.

QuickBooks accounting services

QuickBooks is possibly one of the most widespread accounting software. QuickBooks offers an extensive range of features for all type of businesses involving freelancers, consultants, service providers, store and restaurant owners and more. OBM’s accounting management team includes of professionals who work on QuickBooks accounting and QuickBooks hosting projects of varying complexities.

Sage accounting service

Sage, the popular line of accounting software is beneficial for any type of business, be it small, mid-sized or large. If your business is looking for a reliable Sage service provider who can adopt the power of Sage for you, then we are the best people to partner with. OBM will work with you to create a flexible service structure and model that’s perfect for your organisation.

MYOB accounting services

MYOB is a mainstream accounting software tool that powers large lump of businesses. MYOB accounting service is accessible as a web-based solution or as a PC/ MAC solution. It also offers mobile based solutions that can help you manage your business accounts from anywhere. If you are looking to hire an MYOB service provider to deal with your existing system or are considering adopting MYOB, OBM can help you.

Bookkeeping Services

If you do not have the skills, resources or expertise to maintain financial records for your business organization, consider managing your bookkeeping services through OBM. At OBM, our team will deal with your accounting and tax preparation processes. Get the OBM advantage of an expert bookkeeping back office, where all your set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy functions are taken care of, at a low working expense.

Accounts payable services

In today’s cutting edge competition where information is needed on your fingertips, Accounts Payable management is one of the most acute tasks for businesses. OBM's creative and flexible Accounts Payable Services provide customers with the ability to transform their accounts payable processes into an automated system which is driven by business rules, ensuring lower processing costs, improved controls, higher service levels and higher business intelligence.

Accounts receivable services

An effective and smooth Order-to-Cash cycle is pivotal for companies to improve their cash flows and collection processes. OBM’s Accounts Receivable services facilitate companies in enlightening the same. At OBM, we enable you to enhance your control on every account, by ensuring that outstanding invoices are followed and extensive reporting takes place. OBM’s Account Receivable solution is extensive yet completely flexible, and thereby enables clients to select the entire bunch of services or commence a new assignment with a subset of processes, business units or areas.

Accounts reconciliation services

Accounts reconciliation is the process of checking an organization's financial records and transactions in order to distinguish discrepancies, if any and to reconcile the same. Efficient bank account reconciliation is crucial for auditors to decide the correctness of a company's financial statements and to ensure compliance with regulatory/ statutory requirements. At OBM we have both expertise and experience in this area. Management of accounts reconciliation through us and stay guaranteed of error-free services.

Bank & credit card reconciliation

Reconciliation of credit card records with your own bank statements towards the end of every month, often are annoying, lengthy and complex process; and will likewise make you worse. Accurate bank reconciliation services are necessary to keep a track of your current financial position and gain a clear view of where your organization stands financially. OBM has both the expertise and the know-how in offering the complete bank credit card reconciliation services.

Virtual accounting and bookkeeping services

Having an on-site bookkeeper who looks into accounts at your office is an old idea. The majority of the people these days opt for virtual bookkeeper, or virtual accounting and bookkeeping services which are as in effect as having an on-site accountant, but deliver many additional benefits. At OBM, we provide expert online accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

Financial reporting services

Efficiency in financial reporting is essential for any organization to gain a competitive advantage. Various types of reports and the analysis of the information are included in financial reporting and analysis which helps to determine the financial health of a company. We at OBM are aware of the importance of providing accurate financial reports.

Write-up services

The expenses associated with hiring and retaining resources that are skilled in write-up services is high. This is because of the fact that there is high attrition among the resources as well as scarcity of skilled resources. OBM can partner with your business to give write-up services in the areas of accounts receivables and payables, account reconciliation services and other additional functions over the layer of the basic write-up services.

Manual journal entries

Manual journal entry processing requires several specialists at various levels of the manual journal entry process. No need to give any more trouble to your internal accounting team with routine manual journal entry work. Give that requiring support to your accounting department by managing your accounting and manual journal entry requirements through OBM. OBM serves customers all over the world, bringing the best elements of bookkeeping expertise and managing them.

CPA bookkeeping services

All the CPA firm need is a trustworthy and proficient firm who could provide to needs of CPA / Accounting/ Bookkeeping Firm. They require the firm whose cost of service is affordable for every CPAs, where even after paying the managing firm, the CPA/ Accounting / Bookkeeping Firm is able to save profit for them. OBM is an admired bookkeeping company that specializes in providing custom-fit bookkeeping and CPA preparation services for Certified Public Accountants.

Financial Analysis and financial management services in UAE

Financial analysis services cover the full scope of accounting and financial analytics for management’s decision support, compliance with accounting, regulatory and tax records management and tax reporting, and for banking and cash management. Managing of financial services may enable smaller organizations to get more highly sophisticated financial analysis than would be available from the organization’s employees. OBM provide a host services in the area of financial analysis management and also offering financial arrangement services in UAE

Financial Analysis Services for Bank

Significant amounts of monotonous computation is included in Financial analysis of a bank's statements. At OBM, we provide back-end number calculating and fundamental financial analysis for banks. Our finance and accounting services are suitable for small to medium sized banks and loan production offices (LPOs). Our team of qualified CPAs, statisticians, and finance MBAs provide real-time, 24x7 accurate and cost-effective financial analysis services.

CFO Services

As per the business develops, the need to maintain proper financial accountability also increases. OBM offers an innovative approach to financial operations management. The cost of a full time CFO is not always an affordable proposition. Through hiring OBM CFO Services companies can now enjoy the benefits of sophisticated financial operations without having to hire a full time chief financial officer. From assisting in choosing the best clients to target, developing the best internal team to support you, the CFO, and designing the ongoing workflow, OBM can help.

Record to Report Service

To ensure that your organization meets all its compliance and reporting mandates a productive Record to Report function is necessary. Today most of the organizations are looking future proof their Record to Report function by making it a decision support body catering to business demands. OBM’s R2R practice helps comprehend this core finance function objective by equipping you with industry leading best practices, robust proprietary tools, technology enablers and strategic alliances. Our Record to Report Service includes processes like journals, reconciliations, chart of accounts maintenance, intercompany accounting, period end close, consolidation, and control & compliance, amongst other industry specific processes.

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