Virtual assistant services for personal attention to meet the challenges your business faces.

virtual assistant services in UAE

At OBM, Virtual Assistant can deal with any task and is available anytime you choose, business hours, out of hours or weekends. After assigning the non-core tasks to the virtual remote assistant your productivity increases as you get sufficient time to handle important assignments yourself.

Call Answering Services in UAE

In this competitive business world, it is crucial to keep your customers happy. Having a person to answer all your calls is a necessity. You can hire a virtual assistant from OBM to answer all the calls that you receive in a business day. The assistant that you hire would answer calls during your working hours, just like your personal assistant, confirming that all the calls that you receive are answered in a professional manner.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

If you are an entrepreneur with inadequate staff to work on your accounting and bookkeeping functions, you can hire a virtual assistant from OBM to manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Based on your needs, we will allocate to you a dedicated virtual assistant who will provide professional accounting and bookkeeping services at competitive rates from a remote location, within a quick turnaround time.

Appointment Scheduling

In the post-recession period, management of time and assets, without the risk of dropping out on potential clients, has become extremely vital. By hiring OBM virtual assistance service we can help you with scheduling and confirmation of appointments with business delegates, so that you don’t have to miss any potential client. OBM virtual assistant will work for you from a remote location, without exploiting your company's resources.

Event Planning

Event planning requires specific skills in domains such as planning, vendor management, budgeting, people management and logistics management. Our OBM services include event coordination, vendor management, project plan creation, itinerary planning, marketing management, public relations. Take advantage of OBM virtual assistance service to plan your events and complete them successfully.

Data Entry Services

To perform data entry task is a time-consuming process. If you do not have sufficient resources / staff to execute data entry tasks, then hiring a virtual assistant is the perfect solution. We are very expert in our approach to help you find the right virtual assistant. A virtual assistant from OBM is as effective as a full-time assistant in your office.

Internet Research

The Internet is a great resource, which can streamline your business. But employing someone merely for Internet research can be quite expensive, considering the fact that you will have to give a computer, office space, Internet connectivity, etc. to the employee and also pay the employee as per the labour laws. OBM assistants can develop and inform you of all potential aspects that are available and research any topic to provide you all the information you need.

Correspondence Management

Managing day-to-day correspondences is a difficult task to accomplish in order to make sure smooth functioning of business. Hiring a virtual Correspondence Manager from OBM and he/she will take care of all your business communication in a very well-organized manner. Services we provide include reply to e-mails; respond to voice mails, Circulate newsletters to customers.

Travel / Airlines / Hotel reservations

Many business meetings and deals go confused because travel management was improper or due to insufficient staff to manage travel plans. If you do not have an assistant in-house to help you plan your travel, you can hire a virtual assistant from OBM. OBM can help you choose the right assistant entirely based on your needs.

Business Card Scanning

In your day-to-day business activities, you often come across people with whom you tend to exchange business cards. Accruing too many cards becomes a disturbance as you have to invest in a card album or several albums to store them. You can hire a virtual remote assistant from OBM for all your business card scanning needs.

Desktop Publishing

To confirm that you build a positive brand image, you must perform tasks related to desktop publishing (DTP) successfully. It would be good to have an assistant who could manage all activities related to desktop publishing. OBM virtual assistant has a great experience in performing tasks related to DTP and has a first-hand experience in delivering DTP services for advertising guarantees like pamphlets, catalogues, company newsletters, brochures, annual reports, newspapers, books, magazines, calendars, forms and packaging material.

Presentations / Spreadsheet Creations

Presenting ideas / reports to your business colleagues, customers, vendors and other stakeholders are a crucial task that should be executed meticulously. OBM virtual assistants have the requisite skill in creating impactful MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Excel spreadsheets even on a short notice. If you are tied up with a lot of work and correspondingly have an urgent presentation to be made at the same time, just delegate your needs to our virtual assistant.

Personal Task Assistance

OBM provides 24/7 personal assistant services to busy individual and industrialists which helps client to look after tasks like managing your personal calendar, handling clients call, check emails, buying and sending gifts to your family and friends, online shopping and even lifestyle management and your personal virtual assistant can be committed to you via email, telephone and chat like skype, Gtalk,. A personal assistant works only for you and he is available on your time zone.

Set automatic email remainder

The virtual assistant's main duty is to remind people about commitments and meetings at the right time. With the support of OBM customer service virtual assistant, you can set automatic email remainder.

Scheduling meeting with customers

Scheduling meeting with customers in a right way is very crucial. Customers are important part of a business and play a vital role in business success. With the help of OBM virtual assistant service your business meeting are scheduled in right way.

Plan discussions with employees

Open communication about career goals and professional development plan is beneficial for employees and employers alike. OBM provides virtual assistant according to your requirement to have an open discussion with your employees regarding your plans.

Social Media Services

The smartest marketing move your business can make is into the fantastic World of Social Media. Personal use for Social Media and business is growing rapidly, and your business needs to be part of it. OBM Social Media Virtual Assistant can set up for you and brand your new Social Media accounts for you. We can plot and apply your Social Media marketing strategy.

Supply management services

A business / organization largely depend on robust supply management processes. Your OBM virtual assistant would set up lines of credit with your suppliers / vendors and monitor them, keeping the credit information current and correct. Your assistant can also maintain the supplies of the stationery in your office.