Research and analysis services to stay updated with marketing strategy and maintain your competitive edge.

research analysis services in UAE

Market research is an important part of any business, regardless of its size or turnover. Before any significant decision is implemented for any business, correct planning is absolutely essential. Businesses need customer insights in order to be able to make calculated decisions. OBM helps you make business decisions based on insights as we have a solid worldwide delivery model which influences operational excellence, intimacy with industry and top to bottom analytics and research ability.

Market Research Services in UAE

Market research has become the most unavoidable pre-requisite for any crucial decision making. Identifying with the need for dependable market research services, we at OBM has formulated our market research solutions which gratify to business critical information needs. Combining the most useful traditional and contemporary market research methodologies, we bring you the entire range of market research process managing services.

CATI Web Surveys

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is an interactive front-end computer system that supports interviewers to ask questions over the telephone. OBM offers access to best technology and profitable services in the field of CATI interviewing. The professional Telephone/CATI survey solutions are offered worldwide by OBM. Through people, process and innovation we guarantee you the incredible results.

Industry analysis service

To identify the right target clients and their variegated requirements, industry and market analysis are the most essential steps in competitive business. At OBM, we will help you to analyze the current market information and give you the much needed insight into the present economic factors that can have an immediate effect on the success or failure of your projects.

Call center surveys

If you want to get best out of your business call center surveys are important. Knowing the environment around you could give you exactly what you are looking for. OBM offers Call Center Surveys which provide you an in-depth understanding of what you need to know. Our call center surveys are automated and deliver the accurate results to you at incredibly low turnaround times.

Online market research services

Over the years of proven efficiency and benefits the acceptance of Internet based market research has grown. Market research can be conducted by performing keyword searches for a particular product, publishing surveys or questionnaires for consumers, and even by reading trade journals and research performed by other companies and businesses. OBM meets your information needs with our comprehensive online market research services and with a highly skilled knowledge processing team at work.

Financial Research Services

The recent successes and failures of a company, opportunities for risk decrease and development of new products and services based on current market trends are revealed by proper research on financial data. OBM offers a bunch of customized financial research services to help organizations of all sizes with actual financial research and analysis that needs a keen sense of timing, advanced expertise, risk management skills and a consistently unbiased perspective.

Financial modeling

The assignment of putting together an intellectual representation of a real world financial situation is referred as financial modeling. Both the financial consultants and investors need to utilize financial modeling as part of their basic analysis. By using OBM financial modeling service, you get a team to support you with a wide range of experience that can construct high-quality models across sectors.

Pharmaceutical Research Services

The main goal of pharmaceutical companies is to get their drugs to market faster in order to keep up a solid competitive advantage. OBM’s workforce specialized in pharma research services help pharmaceutical companies to find new ways to revolutionize. Our team of pharmaceutical research experts are coming from strong educational background and experience in pharmaceutical market research.

Medical writing services

In the pharmaceutical industry, Medical writing plays an important role. Medical writing activities are needed throughout a clinical programme. OBM’s medical writers will give you the individual attention and objective perspectives that your organization deserves. Our writers have many years of collective experience working with regulatory submission documents, and they understand current industry rules and requirements.

Crystallography services

Drug discovery is a complex process which requires a huge collection technologies and careful observation based on long term research and development. To determine the actual nature of a single protein it takes thousands of years to perform crystallography experiments or to process complex data sets. OBM crystallography services permits you to scale their drug detection efforts without any interruption in receiving and analyzing the results.

Scientific KPO

Scientific KPO help pharma companies to stay ahead in the drug discovery race. Companies are increasingly looking to manage drug discovery service to control the escalating costs of drug development while maintaining high standards. At OBM, we understand that data flood has a major effect on the method of drug discovery in pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical trials

A Contract Research Organization takes care of work right from designing the clinical drug trials, monitoring and managing, collecting data, handling adverse events, Data Management to statistics. Highly qualified professionals like Ph.D. statisticians, mathematicians, life science experts, biotechnology professionals, pharmacologists, and various others make OBM a value addition for your clinical research and drug trial and Data Management need.

Clinical data management

The key areas in clinical data where our bio statisticians and medical writers interact to provide comprehensive solutions are management, optimal therapeutic designs, customer support and customized data analysis. At OBM, our clinical data management and consultancy services are committed to deliver you your clinical data, data analysis, regulatory support and presentation requirements.

Text, web & numerical data mining

Data mining is the process of using the newest in technology to apply strategies, including new techniques for knowledge discovery and data organization. The data is carefully extracted from major sources like PubMed and Medline Abstracts and analyze them to present it in a carefully organized way to support your research work. OBM, a leading provider of pharmaceutical research services is majorly into developing customized tools for automated text data mining.

Image annotation services

Ignoring image annotation may cause problems in the later phases of drug discovery, as they are not able to utilize x-ray or crystallography images to their full potential. OBM is a full-service medical research and analytic firm delivering comprehensive image annotation services. Image annotation services provided by OBM can greatly increase your skills to get the work done rapidly and improve the efficacy of your experimentation procedure.

Intellectual property services

Intellectual property is an important element in any industry, especially, product based companies where the bottom line depends almost totally on the ability to generate new products. OBM has a customized approach to deliver services according to the needs and requirements of its clients. We ensure confidentiality through Non-Disclosure Agreements and Contracts that are signed between OBM and its clients before beginning an association.

Key opinion leaders

The physicians who are specialists in their selected field like oncology, cardiology, or diabetes are Key Opinion Leaders. Their opinions are valued high by both their peers as well as the general public. Pharmaceutical companies often leverage their proficiency during the drug development method. OBM understands that key opinion leaders can act as change agents and help you reach out to a large number of people.

Business Research Services

To launch a product or service successfully you must be aware of needs and wants of your potential audience. Business research is a key factor to make or break a business. At OBM our research professionals are highly trained and are able to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Competitive business analysis

The main aim of Business Analysis is to develop business process improvement. Competitive Analysis helps in planning marketing strategies and acts as a motivating force for the marketing department of a company. OBM has management graduates in our ranks to carry out competitive business analysis projects professionally.

Business intelligence dashboard creation

One of the main challenges that global businesses have to face is the inability to extract and analyze data effectively. OBM delivers dynamic and interactive dashboards, and analytical and reporting tools for data driven business leaders across the globe. Our team builds dashboards that analyze operational processes and corporate performance management issues

Social media monitoring

To measure your competition’s brand prominence and reputation, one of the ideal approaches is to listen to their interactions in social media. Measuring success with social media is not as humble as with advertising or other marketing attempts that have clear measurements. OBM offers comprehensive social media monitoring services designed to help your businesses.

Company profiling services

Excellent and attractive company profile will make half the effort in convincing your customers. It is highly authoritative that your company profile should be effective enough. OBM profiling services consist of a team of expert marketers and writers who develop business content that sell.

Business Analytics Services

Business Analytics helps companies to understand their most potential clients, improve cost of operations, enhance efficiency and business competitiveness and to make both tactical and strategic decisions. OBM uses statistical analysis to help companies gain insight into their business performance data, and utilize that data to immensely improve business processes and long-term performance.

Retail analytics

Studies have shown that retaining customers is a key part of building up a successful long-term business. Retail analytics provides considerable knowledge into the best strategic direction for businesses, while sustainably boosting sales and profits. At OBM, we have all the necessary tools to perform retail analytics so you can improve your retail performance.

Supply chain analytics

Supply chain analytics are a mathematical strategy to recognize problems and strengths in your supply chain and management system. At the time of managing the supply chain, there are some key issues and questions you would face when you are trying to enhance its efficiency. With OBM Supply Chain Analytics Service, we help you provide you with these answers and also help them better to manage their resources.

Financial analytics

Financial analytics is important for a variety of reasons. Development of a database of financial information for a company so it can be benchmarked in contradiction of that of the company’s competitors and other segments of the industry are referred as financial analytics. OBM professionals perform all of the complex calculations your company needs to create the financial models that will help to take good decisions.

Survey analytics

Survey analytics represent the whole survey research process. Survey analytics are conducted by the companies all over the world on a regular basis to enhance the decision-making process in their business. At OBM, we expertise in crafting, fielding, and analysing surveys. We are aware of how to handle the whole spectrum of survey analytics and all related requirements.

Text analytics

Text-based analytics can best be defined as text turned into data. Text analytics is a method of analysing text based on using tools to identify both the commonalities and frequency of text-based data. At OBM, we provide text analytics to discover information that can help you attain a competitive advantage or better take care of your records and data.

Risk analytics

Risk management is a vital part in making good organizational decisions. Risk management team that uses a risk analytics system with the newest statistical tools to recognize and manage risks is very important for an organization. OBM provides a number of tools that assist you in making the right decisions based on data that may not be immediately visible.

Collection analytics

Collection Analytics services help organizations know their customer segments and scores them based on their propensity and ability to pay. Collections analytics uses a wealth of data to assess collections and profit risk. At OBM, our team consist of skilled professionals that know exactly how to decode trends within the data that will help you make smart decisions with your collections.

Predictive analytics

Companies are using predictive analytics to improve revenue, enhance cost or manage risk. The problem faced by most businesses are, predictive analytics is complicated and time consuming. At OBM, we employ professionals with years of research experience and considerable proficiency in predictive modeling.

Contact center analytics

One of the most important parts of both selling and delivering customer service are contact centers and help desks. Contact center metrics are a crucial part of any industry that uses a contact center, especially in IT, retail, and other service businesses. At OBM, we help companies to set up data collection tools, monitor data, and analyze performance.

Research Reports

Every business needs to have an in-depth comprehension of current realities in order to stay aggressive. Companies not only need the latest information, they also need help in making sense of this raw data. OBM offers a wide scope of research report writing services that cater to varied client needs.

Market research report

Market research is a profitable way to know about potential customers, market size, competition and other parameters which help you take strategic business decisions. OBM provides market research report services that can help you attain critical insights into how your business can be managed and plan to take advantage based on the market data.

Financial research report

Financial research and reporting act as a guaranteed activity to market research by analyzing the monetary and economic aspects involved in a specific market. At OBM, our team in finance and accounting research division that work on understanding and analyzing the economic and financial aspects of a business and presenting them in easy to understand reports that cover all aspects of financial reporting and research.