quality management services in UAE

A quality management system delivers an organization with a set of coordinated processes to control and continually advance the effectiveness and productivity of its performance. OBM, by exploiting quality management system supports you in building quality management systems.

Business Review and Gap Analyzing

In deciding business development and readiness of ISO 9001 certification a Gap Analysis approach regularly proves a priceless tool. OBM’s unique methodology incorporates a review of your present business processes and identifies particular gaps against the ISO 9001Standard.

Most importantly our consultants will familiarize themselves with your organizational significance, goals and prospects before undertaking this analysis, so that the analysis shows advantageous and supports organizations’ goals for the execution of the Quality Management System.

Our consultants are aware of the ins and outs of the standard, how to best evaluate your business practices, and the most ideal approach to implement the system in your business.

During the review session your ISO Global consultant will:

You will receive:

Internal Audits

An internal audit of the organization is required before certification. An internal audit is a procedure of critical evaluation of the business’ processes and it’s Quality Management System. OBM, quality management consultants will conduct the internal audit for your organization.
The Internal Audit assures that you are ready for the certification, which shows that the system is working as it must be and that the execution has been successful.

ISO 9001 System Development

At OBM the experienced consultants who have got training and are an experienced Quality Auditor will develop Quality Management System for you.
Our consultants will develop your system based on the outcomes of the Review & Gap analysis and your existing documentation. Your Quality Management System will comprise; a quality system manual, process and related documentation. You will be able to evaluate the system and provide us with feedback. If necessary we will change the system according to your feedback.

System Implementation

OBM consultant will deliver you with clear supervision on how to execute the system in the business. We will assist you understand the needs of the ISO 9001 standard and its applicability and arrangement with your organisation.

quality management services in UAE

quality management consultants in UAE