Order management service administers the order through supply chain and ensures customer satisfaction.

order management services in UAE

OBM design order processing services to cater to your unique business needs when it comes to managing with thousands of transactions on a daily basis. With a processing team concentrating on this service, you can give more attention to critical activities while enjoying significant cost savings.


A Quotation is a business offer made by a seller to an interested buyer to sell certain goods at specific prices and on certain terms and conditions. OBM order and billing management capabilities integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams. Your OBM customer service manages all quotes and orders with a centralized system, it helps eliminating billing errors and driving fulfillment in quoting accuracy and efficiency.

Order Taking on Phone, Live Chat, Email, Web Form, Mobile App etc

Ordering products over the phone helps customers to clear their doubts regarding products before placing an order. Conversing with the live representatives through live chat gives them the confidence to purchase the product. At OBM, we help you with your order taking requirements and provide them with business oriented managed order taking services.

Customer query resolution

Resolving customer queries first time is good business sense. It helps to build lifetime relationship with customers. A customer complaint can become very profitable when you can resolve their problem. OBM customer service has expertise in solving customer complaints and queries and helps to gain profit.

Renewal of service contracts

Service contracts are contracts that are usually sold to customers to support, repair and/or maintain some product or service that the customer owns. Renewal of service contracts will ensure that you continue to receive business from the client time and time again. OBM professionals provide you the forms and templates necessary for service contract renewal.

Complaint/Issue Management and Resolution

Customer complaints management systems improve customers’ experiences of dealing with your organisation and reduce the risk of reputational damage from a customer who does not believe they have been dealt with fairly. OBM customer care executives are trained professionally to ensure that they can handle any sensitive situation and maintain their etiquette throughout.

Returns & Refunds

If there is any problem in product or service a customer has the right to return the product and to appeal for refund. Return or refund policy is to ensure that customers are properly serviced. OBM has a team of experts to design return and refund policies for your organization committed to customer satisfaction.


Due to unpredictable economic environments customers delay their payments and clock up outstanding bills; simultaneously, businesses are hard-pressed with the challenge of retrieving this owed debt back in a timely way. OBM debt collection executives approach for soft debt collections involves giving importance to both our client and the customer, so that the reputation of your brand is never adversely affected.

Customer follow up services

Customer follow-up is the most important part of customer service once a sale is made. OBM has a team of compassionate professionals who can take care of your customer’s follow up. The team is qualified to add value to your brand and promote positivity that will exceed your customer satisfaction.

Order validation

Purchase Order validation is critical as it is one of the first steps in your "Procure-to-pay" process. When an order is captured it needs to be verified as a valid order that can be paid for, sent to the correct address, and is the order that the customer meant to enter in the front-end system. OBM define the process that suits your organization, and manages your order validation.

Order data entry

In any business fulfilling customer orders are as important as acquiring the customer itself. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, it becomes necessary to quickly enter your customers' orders. At OBM, our data entry professionals enter your order in a specified format.

Customer verification

For financial service providers customer verification task is a crucial task to ensure the customer are trustworthy. OBM program offers quick and easy way to demonstrate and assess trustworthiness, reducing transaction inefficiency. We can assist customer information to be processed quicker and reduce the cost of compliance.

Customer information data entry

Contract validation

The purpose of a contract is to establish the agreement that the parties have made and to fix their rights and duties in accordance with that agreement. The contract file should contain all necessary documentation at the time of closeout. We at OBM help your business to create contract validation checklist in professional manner.

Purchase order validation

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document and represents the buyer’s intent to purchase specific quantities of product at specified prices. Purchase order validation is for completeness, accuracy and authenticity. The team at OBM are skilled to check your organization’s purchase order validation in a professional way.

Customer database management

Irrespective of size all business organizations are increasingly using databases to manage their customer relationships, improve sales and customer satisfaction and identify key trends. Managing customer database is timing consuming and may have errors. OBM has professional and proficient database administrators who are efficient in creating database systems.

Order status check

An order status represents the progress of a particular order in the ordering process. Order tracking is the most important element of Order Status. By OBM order status check service the vendor can track the parcel, and even relay the information to the customers, who can see its progress via the web site.

Order cancellation Management

After placing an order there is a possibility to cancel the order by customer. During processing, it may be possible to cancel your order, but once it moves to the shipping process, it cannot be cancelled. At OBM, we manage the order cancellation process and design policies regarding order cancellation.

Invoice data entry

Controlling revenues through the precise managing of invoices has an important role in an organization. Cash flow through the accurate handing of invoices plays a very important role in the horizontal running of an association. OBM offers a wide range of invoice data entry services and solutions to their clients.

Invoice processing

Invoice processing is a vital task for any business irrespective of the fact whether it is B2C or B2B. With OBM expert invoice processing services, you can not only reduce costs, but also improve purchase controls by gaining access to better invoice process data. We can perform any task throughout the invoice processing lifecycle, including capturing and storing invoice documents, performing pre-purchase authorization, vendor payments, etc.

Credit check

The credit check is a tool to assess your credit worthiness. Credit checks are also known as ‘credit history checks’ or ‘credit reference checks’. Lenders carry out credit checks when individuals or businesses apply for a line of credit. OBM credit executives perform credit check to avoid the risk.

Billing record creation

To setting up revenue and tracking billing amounts, users can create billing records for information that has already been billed. By creating billing records the amounts for previously billed revenue and billable revenue can be viewed. At OBM, our professionals create billing records which can be easily accessed.

Invoice generation & dispatch

An invoice is a bill sent by a supplier of a product or service to the purchaser. After the generation of invoice the order is dispatched to the customer address. OBM provide the expertise to help your organization to generate invoice both manually and automatically. We also plan and execute the dispatch schedule to save time.

Order-to-cash processing

The Order to Cash cycle is the financial life blood of any organization. It not only determines how quickly an invoice or an order from a customer is translated into cash in the bank, it also determines the customer experience, perception and value add of the service provider. OBM provide the expertise that will help your organization successfully execute the start-to-finish management of the Order to Cash cycle.