HR and payroll management services for lifting your people and business by sensible solutions to tough HR problems.

hr and payroll services in UAE

HR plays a vital role in developing and implementing organizational tactic. The responsibilities handled by Human Resources (HR) are all the functions related to employee well-being in an organization including payroll, benefits, hiring, firing and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws. By managing non-core business processes, our HR consultants in UAE allows organizations to concentrate on main competencies and free up valued resources to drive growth and innovation.

Payroll Management Services in UAE

The proficient way of dealing with all kinds of financial commitments towards your employees is Payroll Management. The various complexities that come along with payroll management are calculating the ratio of perks, bonuses, deductions and other repayments of employees. OBM shall be able to deliver you with a completely managed payroll management service with essential technology platforms to match your requirements. Our team of highly motivated payroll processors believe in providing payroll on time and with complete accuracy.

Payroll processing & reporting service

Payroll processing is a one-time activity where it is extremely hard to use resources evenly throughout the month. Payroll processing tends to be an underestimated activity in spite of being a very professional service where comprehensive and accurate knowledge of current regulations and changes in the legislation is absolutely essential. OBM can run your payroll, provide full reporting and send payslips out for you.

Reimbursement processing service

Travel, mileage and expense reimbursements are frequently the primary activities that get delayed under other pressing deadlines. Regular delays in reimbursements, lack of consistent policy, improper filing and lacking review often plague many reimbursement processes. Managing Reimbursement processing service through OBM will help you in performing these processes effectively and in a cost-efficient manner.

Statutory compliance's

Due to fast evolution and dynamism in the business world, following with Statutory Compliance's today have become very critical in the business sphere. The landscape of statutes of labor laws is always evolving, and it takes a special agility to stay informed concerning all the latest developments and ensure compliance. With OBM Statutory Compliance Management solutions, we make sure that your organization is yielding with all employee-related statutory compliance requirements.

Employee self-services

Significant time is often lost carrying out labor intensive processes because of unnecessary and inefficient administration when managing employee data. Easy access to HR data and tasks, anywhere, anytime, from any device. Employees can log in from desktops, tablets and smartphones – anywhere, anytime, to view HR information and earnings statements or view and submit time off requests. Employee Self Service can be customized for each client including colors and background image.

Comprehensive reporting services

The Comprehensive Report is an informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial stability. OBM comprehensive service helps clients in making more accurate business decisions.

Payroll help desk services

Providing good service to employees is a faithfulness changing aspect that troubles almost every organization. Issues regarding salary are considered the most sensitive ones. Delays or unsatisfactory response to grievances related to salary can turn off your employees instantly. OBM payroll managing services are empowered with customized help desk software, so that there is no margin for error at all.

Payroll tax reporting services

As a business owner, you are in charge for altering what can seem like a million tasks a week. Our comprehensive Payroll and Tax Administration services help you in managing the entire employee payroll process, from complex employment taxes and deductions to check distribution, direct deposit and tax credit assistance. Through integrated technologies and a helpful experience and certified payroll team, OBM provides accurate, timely and compliant process efficiencies, saving you time and money while providing your business with peace of mind on your payroll processing & tax administration.

Online benefits enrollment service

The HR department grinds to a halt in order to help employees enroll or re-enroll in the company’s many benefits programs. And the open enrollment period isn’t the only time HR professionals are spending time on benefits enrollment. Each time a new employee is hired or experiences a qualifying life event, the whole process starts again. Switching from a paper-based benefits enrollment process to an online enrollment process comes with a wide array of advantages.

Employee Benefits

Today's competitive business environment demands that companies find better, more effective ways to deal with their critical employee benefits investment. At the same time, results expected from these benefit plans are increasing. At OBM, we give these tools through an exceptional customer experience, resulting in improved satisfaction and engagement.

Employee assistance programme (EAP)

The programme that helps the employees to manage their own issues efficiently, whatever cause of their discontent, is Employee assistance programme (EAP). Your employees will inevitably face distracting personal problems and responsibilities during their employment at your company. An EAP can take the form of either telephone or face-to-face counseling and can advise on a number of subjects. OBM provide your employees with access to guidance documents and online advice so that they can continue to receive support at their own comfort.

Cash plans

Though your employees receive payment for their time and skills, any extra benefits that you can offer will help to make your team feel valued and respected. The more appreciated your employees feel, the more likely they are too reward you with increased productivity.

Private medical insurance

The benefits of running a private medical insurance scheme for your business are twofold. Not only will your employees from prompt, comprehensive treatment that puts the recovery first, your business will also suffer less time and revenue lost to employee absence. OBM helps you in adapting apt medical insurance for your employees.


Pension Plan Administration becomes more complex with every passing year and regulation. Employers are under immense pressure to repeatedly monitor the legal landscape to confirm that their plans are being administered properly. OBM has a committed team of actuaries and defined benefit administrators to help alleviate the pressures of pension administration. No two plan sponsors want the same pension administration solution, and we have customized alternatives to fit your needs.

HR Management Services in UAE or HR Consultants in UAE

In this competitive business world, almost every type of business has to face the pressure to cut operating expenses and deliver more value. To achieve this, your organization would need to manage non-core work and handle core business functions in-house. OBM human resource management services are designed to help customers lessen cost, enhance employee satisfaction and improve the delivery of HR strategies.

Compensation plan review and analysis

The way to staff retention is confirming equitable and competitive compensation programs. This helps keep key personnel engaged, guarantees compliance with pay equity requirements, and lets you incentivize staff according to performance. OBM can give focus in determining the strategic positioning of compensation within your organization, and ensuring that related programs support the strategic position.

Due diligence and acquisition planning

Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions is the process of assessing and examining a prospective business decision by getting information about the financial, legal, intellectual and other material information from the other party. The OBM transaction support team is comprised of experienced professionals who are well aware of transactions and can minimize risk and validate opportunities by thoroughly studying a target company’s past, current, and projected performance.

Succession planning

In today’s regularly changing environment talent is the new rare resource for businesses. A company’s ability to appeal, mobilize and develop their talent is the key competitive differentiator. OBM helps you to build up a robust succession planning process by first examining your business strategy and then define where you are headed. Then we can help you create a succession plan to develop your current talent and get them ready for the future.

Employee incentive and retention services

Employee retention is a serious consideration in today’s workplace and a well-planned strategy saves time and money, and promotes a productive workforce. With incentive plans, the employee works to achieve specific, mutually agreed to goals/objectives, and is rewarded for success. OBM assists organizations to design new and/or review existing incentive and retention plans to ensure they are meeting the needs of both employer and employee.

Retained HR services

Under Retained HR Services, clients buy blocks of time in order to have HR management expertise at their fingertips. OBM’s HR retained services package deliver you with comprehensive HR support, all of the documents that you need and peace of mind.

Project Management

At OBM, our subject matter experts can develop custom training and/or present interactive and memorable programs. We help our clients develop their workforce with our comprehensive talent management delivery model that provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training.

Restructure Management

Strategic changes lead to organizational restructuring and sometime even to some parts of the business being managed. When we support restructuring projects we concentrate on the transition phase by clearing the new processes and responsibilities. To boost team building we set up and conduct global workshop concepts around strategy and culture. If you are experiencing growth or facing an operational reduction, OBM can help with restructure management.

TUPE management

The process of moving employees from one business to another is referred as TUPE. The significance's of failing to comply with TUPE can result in heavy financial penalties for employers. The TUPE process can be fraught with risk for both the outgoing and the incoming employer and so requires a skilled understanding of employment law to handle accurately. OBM can provide practical and commercial support at every stage of either the transfer of your business or the service provision change.

Redundancy management

For running a successful business redundancy is an essential factor. Redundancy procedures and requirements are complex and full of pitfalls. The process can pose a significant risk to you if you do not consult with your employees correctly. OBM provides a complete redundancy managing service, offering a range of services to help clients manage the difficult aspects of restructuring or resizing initiatives. This involves analyzing employees required skill sets, providing detailed, impartial reports assessing each employee, designing and implementing assessment schemes, training programs and advice seminars for employees facing redundancy.

Employment tribunal case management

Being taken to an employment tribunal can be upsetting experience. OBM can be there to support you at every step of the way with employment tribunal management. We will guarantee that no matter how complicated the circumstances, you will receive legal advice and guidance of the highest standard. We will also negotiate cost-effective settlements for you if and when required.

HR Recruitment & Staffing

Small and mid-size companies have limited time, money or resources to successfully develop and apply the HR strategies required to exceed business goals and objectives. OBM offers recruitment services for Technical, Administrative and Executive levels. We pay attention on finding those professionals that fit the needs of your company, offering customized and flexible selection processes. Managing recruitment and staffing process management through OBM allows you to allocate precious time and resources to your core business.

Recruitment administration

Hiring quality people is more important than anything in business. Hiring the right people with the right skill sets at each level is a challenging task for some organizations. However having such people on board and accessible to make the right conclusions at the right time will permit your organization to remain competitive in the business world. Using proven recruitment methodologies, assessment tools and candidate databases, OBM will help you improve the returns you receive on your investment in human capital by helping you find the right candidates.


Companies all over the world are fighting to obtain and retain the right talent, in the right locations. There is a high demand for HR analytics as organizations concentrate on informed decision-making to enhance their ability to hire and retain talent, forecast future workforce needs and create customized training programs. OBM helps organizations in meeting their HR objectives through comprehensive analytic service offerings for HR functions. We allow our clients to outperform by providing insight-based analytics to take their key human capital decisions, and help them achieve augmented efficiencies and improved employee satisfaction.

Applicant Screening

Re-employment or applicant screening programs have become an increasingly visible part of the business because qualified employees are a crucial part of any business. Applicant screening is not an easy task to perform because of the highly specialized knowledge and resources are required for it. OBM can help your company go through the screening process more efficiently and better assess the candidates to present yourselves with the most capable of the talent available out there.

Reference & background check

Many organizations and HR professionals are looking at managing the task of reference and background checking. They need to know if they can expect more information than if they did the job themselves. Reference check for a delicate or confidential position, often a reference check is the best way to determine what an applicant is really like. OBM provides employers with an uncomplicated option for managing their reference and background checking requirements.

Candidate interview and recommendation

For interviews, OBM select the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength and weaknesses and the ability of candidate to fit into the work-culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are contacted and interviews will be conducted to find out if they are suitable for your organization and they fit into your work expectations.

Integration of new employees

A well-planned integration program for new employees can make a comfort entry into a new work environment. Integration programs can profit both the company and the employee. An integration program, designed to quickly and efficiently unite the new employee with the existing team, is a basic necessity for every company. OBM will design a well-planned integration program for your new employees.