Data processing services to provide data enrichment for better maintenance and effective analysis.

data processing services in UAE

Data processing evolves into crucial to bring in precise information methods into your small business. At OBM, we help our clients from various industries to tackle their data processing challenges such as summarizing information into intelligent formats, generating important summary statistics on data, and creating powerfully illustrated tables.

Data Processing Services in UAE

Irrespective of size every organization is must to have data processing and information systems. No matter how you handle huge volumes of raw data or are involved with small amounts of data, data processing is important for your business and in making strategic decisions. OBM’s data processing guarantees that information remains valuable by taking raw data and analyzing, sorting, organizing, interpreting, or preparing it for storage so it can be better managed by your business.

Forms processing services

All organizations must certainly deal with different ranges of forms - Invoices, Vouchers, Medical Claims, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements and many more. OBM offer best in-class services. By managing your form processing services through OBM, functioning costs considerably lowers and more accuracy can be obtained.

Order processing services

Order processing with precision is important for sales processes and it will help you to gain the trust of new customers and increase reliability of existing customers. OBM can ease your work pressure and functioning. OBM has a proven method of handling your Order Processing from start to finish, carefully monitoring all of the details so that your order management is handled quickly, correctly, and professionally.

Insurance claims processing services

For insurance companies customer satisfaction which is the key objective of business, is more important. Insurance claims processing is definitely a difficult and heavy task. OBM will take care of the whole insurance claim processing needs that cover everything from damage assessments to documentation, claims submissions, and claims settlement.

Image processing services

Image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, like a photograph or video frame. Image processing services helps your businesses to convert their product images into a professional looking catalogue. Having much dedicated and qualified image processing professionals, managing huge volume of workload, OBM always keep ahead of our schedule, delivering right on time.

Data mining services

Data mining is a process in which concealed but significant business patterns or associations are obtained from a database. Data mining is a very vital process for many businesses and organisations. OBM’s Data Mining Services provides valuable intelligence for businesses looking to build unique contact lists using data acquired from specified databases or websites.

Data cleansing services

Data cleansing is crucial for ensuring the quality of your database. All data that relates to different customers need to be stored in an ordered format so that it can be accessed easily as and when required. OBM is expert at detecting and removing errors and inconsistencies within any origin with our innovative data cleansing services.

Marketing research form processing services

For the success of any business, market research form processing services is unavoidable. Market research forms processing involves extracting information from customized forms, faxes, and scanned images and converting it into an electronic format. OBM presents unique options to assist your company in its success, with our dynamic Market Research Forms Processing Services.

Check processing service

Check processing is a task that provides no long-term revenue, but many companies spend a portion of company resources to the check-clearing process, only to deal with errors and issues that come from a lack of experience or inadequate training. Managing check processing and verification through OBM is not only profitable but will also free your time in concentrating more on marketing and sales.

Credit card processing services

If your business sells a product or service over the internet, credit card processing is a requirement. Credit cards are gradually used in business-to-business transactions. Credit card payment processing is a resource-demanding task. OBM offers affordable, scalable Credit Card Forms Processing Services in our innovative facility.

Transaction processing services

Transaction processing is one of the tasks that look easy, but, from a utter volume standpoint, it is very time-consuming and error-prone. Every day businesses carry out many types of transactions, and without the right data entry service or organizational system, your company is not going to provide professional customer service, or be able to organize information correctly to make good business decisions. At OBM, we perform services in every phase of transaction processing, involves ordering, organizing, submitting and completing every step.

Survey processing services

Collecting data regarding the launched products or services helps an organization to evaluate its upsides and drawbacks in a genuine manner. A survey is the best feedback tool to collect data. OBM Survey Possessing Services helps your business understand and make intuitive decisions based upon the feedback gathered from surveys, a source of enormous aid for any business.

Litigation services

In today’s world litigation is in becoming more complex. Cases take longer, include more people, need more information and demand faster access to information. OBM with its advanced technology delivers Litigation support services, to Legal community, which permits Law firms to instantly avail information, which saves time and cost over traditional deposition services and manual document management.

Mailing list compilation services

The mailing list is a main component in any direct marketing campaign and it is a useful way to get more clients and succeed your business. OBM can provide you with best mailing list compilation services to global customers. OBM professionals not only help in compiling business but also to enhance your existing mailing addresses.

Data Conversion Services in UAE

Data which is not used effectively is not just junk, but also a burden on any organization. But when structured, digitized and effectively accessible, the same data will help you in effective decision making. At OBM, we certainly have created our data conversion services with an effort to provide help to enrich the usability and convenience of your data and info.

Document conversion services

A business’ requirements are always changing, and often you will find that your previous files are no longer compatible with your company’s needs. OBM document conversion team is ready with the latest technology of software and quality processes to grip any level of customer stress in the field of document conversion.

File conversion services

How the data is stored in a particular format is decided by a file format. It is frequently indicated by a three or four letter extension after the name of the file. OBM has highly developed skills and efficacies that are required to convert files between many diverse formats.

XML conversion services

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) is a cross-platform web-publishing format used to display and store information on the internet. It has several advantages when compared to other web-publishing formats including greater flexibility, better scalability, more versatility and enforced validation ability. OBM offers rapid, accurate and efficient XML Conversion Services for your various web-publishing needs.

PDF conversion services

PDF (Portable Document Format), is a file format created by Adobe Systems that is extremely widespread and widely used in business circles. PDF conversion is quite an easy process but many factors are to be taken into consideration for getting it done perfectly. OBM caters both to converting from other formats to PDF and vice versa.

Book conversion services

The electronic books age and media has caused a rush in demand for conversion services. Book conversion means the conversion of printed books into e-books i.e. conversion of data from physical pages into electronic files. At OBM, our highly skilled data entry team of book conversion professionals will help you convert all your printed materials to e-journals, e-books, e-brochures and e-research papers.

HTML conversion services

HTML conversion is important in this age of quality data, as data plays a crucial role in any business. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the widely used document format and it is used in web for presenting information containing text, images, sounds and actions linked in a non-sequential way. At OBM, our highly skilled team uses the latest in HTML conversion technology, and can easily and safely transfer data through fax, email, secure FTP and more.

SGML conversion

SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) which is basically used by several organizations for storage, conception and transfer of huge quantity of data with the help of number of mediums. At OBM we provide cost-effective data archiving and SGML conversion services with no compromise on quality according to your demand.

Data conversion services

Data is the lifeline of any business which deals with the flow of information as the baseline for its success. Businesses are really helping from data conversion. Data conversion is one of the areas in the field of data entry that is emerging as a high growth service. OBM is a pioneer in providing data conversion services.

EDM services

Electronic document management (EDM) is an improved way of managing documents. All over the world companies are turning to EDM systems to manage, track, and easily search through their documents, not to deal with mountains of paperwork and traditionally poor organizational systems. OBM not only have expertise in this area but also have the capacity to rise up to the scale of operation that you want.

Word formatting services

When you need to add design to your Word files, you need someone who understands Word formatting. OBM has dedicated resources that can provide word formatting help. They are professional people who possess the required expertise. OBM offers comprehensive MS word formatting services intended to meet the specific requirements of both large and growing corporations.