Data management services of OBM, help companies to manage their requirements of data management.

data processing services in UAE

OBM has a large pool of resources for performing data management services. Our competent and dedicated team of specialists has been keeping, documents safety and secret.

Data Entry Services in UAE

Effective data management is a crucial aim for every organization. Precise, easily-accessible business data is important—to make informed decisions, enable better understanding, improve forecasting and above all, to propel growth. OBM delivers timely and accurate offshore Data Entry services to variety of industries and companies.

Online data entry services

Data is continuously developed to big and small business irrespective of the business profile. In every business environment it is important to have a streamlined data entry service. At OBM, we provide most profitable service with quick turnaround time. Managing data entry services through OBM will enable your company to focus on other aspects of business with its data entry services being taken care of by our experts.

Offline data entry services

Offline data entry is the process of keying in data or raw details into a specific database or even a word processor. In today’s world many global businesses prefer managing their Offline Data Entry Projects. At OBM, we have skilled data entry personnel dedicated to deliver accurate offline data entry work to our worldwide clients within allocated time .We have the expertise to handle any kind of offline data entry projects.

Directory services

Irrespective of size all organizations have to deal with a certain volume of data transmission on a daily basis. A directory service is a set of application that stocks and organizes data about a computer network’s users and network resources, and that permits network administrators to manage users’ access to those resources.

Image data entry services

Image data entry is indeed a demanding and financially troubling business proposition. Image data entry is the process of converting scanned images to a particular format of your choice. At OBM, we can capture your image data, key in and organize them in order of relevance and present them in an easily accessible format as per your requirement.

Book data entry services

In this digital world people are shifting from traditional books to digital platforms, eBook conversion is not just an option but inevitable necessity. In e-book data entry process any form of physical data like hand-written, printed or digitally scattered is converted to electronic book. At OBM, we have an exclusive team uniquely for book data entry services with particular skillsets.

Document data entry services

You can ensure that the information is easily accessible to various organization levels at the same time by digitalizing your paper documents. Document data entry can be an extremely time consuming process, and is wastage of your money. At OBM, we will convert any data from paper to digital format and work so that you can get the information easily.

Data capture services

Data capturing is the process of collecting, arranging, formatting, interpreting and storing data in an electronic format. Handling of data becomes quite easier as they can be easily spotted and understood. OBM data capturing involves electronic data capture using data scanning techniques like optical character recognition (OCR) and radio frequency identification (RFID); Image Deskew, data processing, data analysis and data storage.

Data extraction services

Data extraction is mandatory for an organization which deals with a huge amount of information stored in a complex manner; in different formats and locations. OBM data extraction professionals are capable of sorting through a variety of data base sources, including images, websites, databases, and documents rapidly and accurately, eliminating the hassle from this time consuming process. We can also publish data simultaneously in multiple formats.

Document management system

Now a day both large and small companies are looking for easy, cost-effective ways to store and manage a huge quantity of paper documents. Our document management services help you to stop wasting resources and start organizing your documents in a better way. At OBM, we adapt all the stages involved in a typical document management process. Our document management system is skilled to handing over 300 formats of documents.

Copy paste services

Companies that deal with huge volumes of data know how difficult large amounts of copy and paste can be, and how much time consuming it is your company. OBM professional have skills to manage large and time-consuming copy-paste projects accurately and timely. We also provide services to copy and paste information from multiple websites or documents and assemble them into a single file.

Database development & migration services

Data is at the core of most organizations. To any sort of organization information is highly valuable. However, eventually, if not handled properly, it may become quite awkward, and need massive investment of money and time. If you are searching for database development and database migration services you can manage database development and migration to OBM.

Data enrichment services

To enhance the quality of data, data enrichment services are used. The data enrichment services offered by OBM create an asset for any business that’s faced with over burden of data, loose files, disorganized information, or multiple data formats. OBM could act as a consistent service provider by offering Data Enrichment services.

Offshore data entry services

In the beginning of a business handling data is not a big deal but as the business develops the things become unmanageable. Offshore data entry services can go a long way in advancing your costs. It also allows you to free your resources and use them for other productive work. OBM can convert your data into useful information and make your data organized and easily accessible.

Catalogue data entry services

Online catalogue serves as a key source for shifting information for any business or organization that has to deal with a wide variety of products and services. A catalogue can be used to show all product-related or service-related data on your website. At OBM, we have a group of data entry experts who specialize in catalogue data entry.

Company reports data entry services

Company reports provide a summary of a company, including a description, quick facts, stock activity summary, and stock price history. Manage company reports data entry to OBM—we use the latest technology to deliver data entry services to global customers. Our focus is on giving great solutions at minimized costs.

Questionnaires data entry services

A form that involves a set of questions designed to get feedback from targeted respondents is Questionnaire. A carefully prepared questionnaire can collect really useful data that a business can use to plan their strategies for better result. At OBM, we can handle any type of your questionnaire data entry requirements. This enables you to allocate your resources to essential business activities.

Data entry of survey

Survey is a significant source of information for a business. It helps the business to understand its target market and keep updated of any changes. Perfect data entry is essential to ensure productive performance of any organization. OBM uses cutting-edge technology to provide services for data entry of business surveys.

Invoice forms data entry

An automated system to manage your invoice management process will help you keep well-informed with the fast pace of your business. Most select organization of cash flow through the accurate handling of invoices plays a very vital role in the horizontal running of an association. OBM has team of highly skilled in accounting and bookkeeping activities and in managing invoice data entry.

Database data entry services

Quality of database has essential role in determining the proficiency of an application. So, proper attention has to be given for its maintenance. OBM knows the importance of a strong database. Irrespective of the quantity of data you need to store in your database, OBM expertise are confident to take up your project and accomplish it with brilliance.

Restaurant menu data entry services

Hotel and restaurant owners can gain desired popularity of their various products like dishes, cuisines, delicacies including drinks and beverages with accurate data entry of restaurant menus. OBM Restaurant Data Entry Services are geared toward speed and accuracy, and we approach it in a structured and streamlined way.

Product registration data entry

As the data of product and warranty registrations is used to enhance the success and functionality of a business, product and warranty registration data entry is essential to an organization. We can authorise your marketing and advertising initiatives by accumulating and organizing your customer information. OBM's data entry from product/warranty registrations brings all significant customer data onto your fingertips.

Insurance claims data entry

Managing with insurance claims is never an easy task; it is truly complicated. For the smooth functioning of an organization it is very essential to process the insurance claims in the right and timely manner. OBM professionals understand that insurance companies are highly data oriented customers who are in need of specialized insurance claim data entry services.

Data entry from enrolment forms

If the huge volumes of enrolment forms are not processed on time potential customers may slip through the cracks. Each enrolment form is a customer, and each customer is precious. We at OBM can ease your difficulties with our enrolment forms data entry services. We can get your data entered and organized.

Text and numeric data entry

Extensive part of an organization’s data is formed by text and numeric values. An incorrect numeric value may either cause a financial loss or a criticism letter from a potential customer. Accurately entered text is also important. OBM has a team of expert text and numeric data entry operators who have been taught to accurately enter text and numeric data into your records.

Data entry from yellow pages

Data entry of business listings, pre-sales leads, addresses & phone numbers is a proficient way to organize huge volumes of information from yellow pages so that you can use them for your business. OBM might just have the solution to your yellow pages data entry requirements; with our advanced database capturing software, we are capable of capturing names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and other details.

Legal documents data entry

For attorneys, legal data entry is a crucial but time consuming and boring routine. Highly confidential, legal documents and the work related to them cannot be assigned to just anyone. You require highly reputed and experienced individuals who can handle the legal terminologies of these documents. OBM has a team of talented and experienced personnel that can manage your data efficiently and with the confidentiality.

Data entry form printed or handwritten documents

All large-scaled companies are faced with the up-hill task of processing loads of data every day. Transformation of printed/handwritten documents into electronic formats would be one of them. OBM offers customized, reasonable and high quality handwritten data entry services. We provide all services with good turnaround time, so that you can use the information in a better way.

Mysql database data entry services

Information accelerates a business. Various organizations such as banks, airlines, and shipping companies have similar needs when it comes to data storage. OBM uses cutting-edge technology to deliver MySQL database data entry services to a wide variety of clients.

Data entry from telephone directories

In order to use data for your business you must have ready access to it. When it comes to business contact details like your telephone directory, you must keep it up to date all the time in an easily accessible format. At OBM, we help to digitise your telephone book or telephone directory accurately and in easily accessible format.

Website data entry services

The success of a business is determined by how it responds to change. Nowadays all businesses have their own website. It is one the most effective tools by which a business relates with its customers, employees and investors. OBM uses classy technology to provide website data entry services to global organizations.

Data entry from dictionaries, Manuals & encyclopaedias

By transforming encyclopaedias, dictionaries or manuals into an electronic format, your business can make them easily accessible to wider customers. If data entry is not one of your core competencies, you may find it tiresome to handle this kind of large-scale data entry. AT OBM, our skilled data entry professionals have in-depth technical proficiency in entering data from dictionaries, manuals and encyclopaedias into online applications or databases.

Internet data input services

Internet data input work includes manually keying data into online web based applications or through remote access in windows based applications. With OBM internet data input services you can get those large volumes of data made electronically accessible, accessed on the internet, administered and well organized.

Data entry from mailing lists

Smart businesses keep on investing a definite percentage of their profit in marketing. Mailing lists are used to generate leads or recognize potential customers. It is also used to formulate a list of potential clients willing to gain your services. OBM holds the expertise for creating comprehensive mailing lists through numerous internet search methodologies.

Foreign language data entry services

If you are struggling to convert Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, etc., to English language, OBM is here to help you. At OBM, we have a proven track-record of offering a wide range of foreign language data entry services.

Data Analytics Services

Data analytics trend has been generated by the irresistible proportions of available data, which just cannot be left unseen by the marketing radar of any type of business. Managing data analytics through OBM, an experienced service provider can enable your company to leverage the benefits that the process of data analytics offers.

Big data analytics

Big data analytics is used across multiple industry verticals, like Healthcare, Life sciences, Finance and Insurance to name a few. The irony however is that while the big data is readily available on a platter for creation and utilization, most of the businesses are unsure which variety of data is most ideal for processing, and at what velocity and volume. At OBM, we have the experience and the resources to solve your big data problems with high speed and accuracy.

Optical Character Recognition Services

Organizations all over the world are looking for better ways to arrange their paper documents and images, as they need their documents to be rapidly retrievable and easily searchable, and modern scanners are not able to search scanned text. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is one of the latest technologies used for data conversion. OBM will handle most efficiently your optical character recognition services.

OCR clean-up services

When you are converting huge amounts of data optical recognition software can have errors. That’s why companies initiating its own optical text recognition services should also opt for OCR clean-up. OCR clean-up services are designed to fix any errors that occurred during the OCR conversion process. OBM offers fast, accurate and profitable OCR Clean-up Services to clients from various aspects.

Document scanning services

In present internet era, the technology revolutionized the way the organization deals with clients, there is a incredible change from eliminating paper document to online operations. When the documents are scanned and converted into digital forms the organization will enjoy easy and fact access of information. OBM is the leading Document Scanning Service provider in India.

Document digitizing services

The process of converting paper documents into digital formats is document digitizing. The documents are preserved by converting your documents into digital formats. OBM is a potential service provider of document digitizing services and is a synonym to quality service.

Microfiche scanning & conversion

Microfiche have been a reliable alternative to hard copy file storage. At OBM, we assist in converting the files being stored on microfiche to digital format. The documents in such formats can also be saved in different digital formats such as PDF, CSV, JPEG, TIFF, Excel or Word and can then be made to store in DVDs, CDs, or any network drives.

Catalogue Management Services

The catalogue management process involves many activities like competitor price monitoring, product data cleansing, product migration etc. The catalogue processing services at OBM are designed, keeping in mind, flexibility and affordability. OBM will help you create, maintain, and periodically update your product databases with the latest and most accurate information.

Catalogue content management

An excellent e-catalogue is a stepping stone to make your business successful. A well-intended e-catalogue can be used to expand your customer database, display your product categorization, enhance your product representation and maximize your online product orders. OBM is the finest supplier of content management services for your e-catalogues.

Ecommerce data entry services

As businesses all over the world gradually move towards e-Commerce platforms for both B2B and B2C transactions, you cannot afford to sit back and relax while contemplating the need for an e-Commerce site. At OBM, we offer customized e-Commerce data entry services to leading e-Commerce retailers.

ePub Services

The ePublishing Industry is a flourishing and vital aspect of today’s modern business world, with eReader devices quickly replacing old fashioned hard copy formats. OBM is a reputed service provider offering electronic publication services to writers, universities, libraries, and publishers across the globe.

ePub conversion services

The companies all over the world are increasingly converting to ePUB to expand their market reach, increase circulation and add advertiser value. ePUB has been internationally identified as the standard format among major publishers and retailers. OBM can convert eBooks of any digital format such as PDF, MS Word, HTML, XHTML, InDesign, .MOBI, etc. to the ePUB format in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Kindle conversion services

Kindle format for ebook is one of the most wanted after formats for ebooks today. Amazon Kindle is the world’s foremost ebook reader available today. It is very popular among readers and offers a near-book reading experience. At OBM we make sure that all PDF to Kindle conversions are error-free, delivered within the given deadline and are inclusive of all essential formatting features.

Comprehensive digital services

OBM offers comprehensive data conversion solutions for authors, publishers, universities, libraries, corporations and technology organizations. OBM comprehensive solutions include copy-editing, proofreading assistance and conversion of your books, magazines, journals, periodicals, encyclopaedias, etc., into your chosen digital format.

eBook conversions

The conversion of books into e-books or electronic books is referred as eBook conversion service. The convenience provided by e-books increased the popularity of electronic books over the past few years. At OBM, our e-book conversion team is well-experienced with every kind of content format, from Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and InDesign to Quark, etc.

iPhone & iPad conversion services

The popularity of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as mobile e-reader devices has given Apple the e-book market. OBM iPhone app developers and Testers are well-prepared to handle the latest iPhone application development procedures as they are well updated about the new emerging trends in the iPhone market.

Property Management Services

Our experience in property management and property maintenance services exceeds most of our competitors, and we influence our know-how to take complete care of all the needs of your tenants, like, collecting rent, handling property upkeep and repair issues, answering to complaints by tenants, and even pursuing legal evictions, on your behalf. OBM property management team consists of property managers, contract administrators, accountants, and service staff to ensure your requirement is met underneath one roof.