Call center services or Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

call center services in UAE

A call center is a physical place where customers and other phone calls are taken care by an organization, generally with some amount of computer automation. Our call center services in UAE will have the ability to provide the systems and trained workforce to deliver quality service to customers.

Inbound call center services in UAE

An inbound call is one that a customer pledges to a call center or contact center. The center that is being committed to handle inbound calls or receives a number of calls from customers through phone is termed as Inbound Call Center. Our skilled specialists provide assistance for your company to achieve more customers and decrease the working cost. We convey the best inbound call center service that beats your expectations.

Toll free answering services

Toll free numbers let callers to reach businesses and/or people without being charged for the call. Toll free support is one which deals with the responses of toll free numbers of the business persons. This service is mainly offered to reduce the unnecessary calls that come to your office and also to strengthen the confidence of the customers for your organization or business.

Phone answering services

Most of the callers hang up listening to a voicemail. And 90 % of such callers are potential customers, either new customer who can expand business income or existing customers who are the support of a successful business. Our skilled and efficient team in answering service solution will be accessible for 24/7 irrespective of the size of the business. Our unique feature is that the calls made by our skilled professionals will be recorded to screen our operator's performance and also to ensure the accuracy of the process.

Up-selling & Cross-selling services

Cross-selling and up-selling are established techniques for improving your sales and increasing customer loyalty. Up-selling is when a customer's attention is attracted to a better quality and higher priced product or to the savings to be made by purchasing a huge amount of a product. Cross-selling is made when the customer is given to understand the advantage of buying a related or associated product. OBM attacks the up-sell and the cross-sell in three different ways. The first is through technology, the second is through training, and the third is through statistical analysis.

Claims processing services

Claims processing manages with the demands from customers for settling outstanding due amounts. Claims processing is a transaction processing service that is against call center services which has inbound and outbound services. OBM offers a range of services that involve claims processing call center and claims processing BPM services, among others. Organizations today favour to manage claims processing services as they can accessible to competent services and concentrate more on core competencies.

Order taking Service

Taking customers' orders is a vital activity for any business. Customers these days prefer to place an order from comfort of their home. They want to make query completely about product or service before making final purchase decision. With our extreme knowledge and experience we provide any kind of customer service and order taking process. Our order taking executives will comprehensively understand your products and business and endeavour to give your customers complete gratification.

Product information services

A comprehensive product information request service and product support service is of central significance, for complete customer satisfaction. OBM will ensure an effective, streamlined arrangement of product information request services or service information request services. Providing excellent product information request services or service information request services, our operators will not only fulfil your current customers but will also secure new customers.

IVR services

The most ideal way to satisfy your customer is by giving a fast and viable response to what they are looking for. It makes a tremendous positive difference on the customer's mind when they know that you are available for them whenever a need ascends. IVR provides the customers with a menu filled with options for the purpose of navigating the phone system in order to reach the appropriate department. IVR system collects the required information about the customers during the call and provides them the requested details in the meantime.

Virtual receptionist services

Great and convenient customer service begins with a helpful and friendly voice that promptly answers call of your customers. A virtual receptionist offers a wide range of services, from processing of messages to crucial answer processing, order fulfillment, customer support and lead capture automation. We have our live answering services running 24/7/365 and can totally redefine your old concept with regards to normal hours of business. With our 24/7 live answering services; your customers can count on a friendly voice always there to welcome them.

Medical answering services

One of the essential tasks involved in a medical practitioner's work life is being reachable to patients and other associates all the time. An efficient medical answering service takes care of the need by acting as a virtual front office assistant to people who need to contact you and those whom you need to call. Our medical answering and physician answering service makes life comfortable for you and your staff and is planned around the definite needs of your medical place of work.

Outbound call center services in UAE

An outbound call is one started from a call center agent to a customer on behalf of the call center or a client. An outbound call centre is a business activity where a collection of call centre agents make outgoing calls to potential or existing customers. This activity is usually technology enabled – typically using a predictive dialler – so that large numbers of calls can be made per hour.

Lead generation services

Lead Generation is just generating potential customer interest for your products and services. Lead generation is one of the most ideal ways to gain prospective customer. Managing lead generation services can help your organization to acquire good leads. If you want to convert prospective customers into long term customers, then managing lead generation services would be the right choice. Our team of expert lead generation professionals would first define the targets and analyze the short term and long term goals of our lead generation customer.

Appointment setting services

Professional appointment setting services are turned out to be a very effective tool for companies to achieve greater market share and business development. Our appointment setting services concentrate in organizing meetings with the leaders who can and will purchase your products or services. Rejection is a part of sales but we can handle the “no’s” so that you don’t need to. Whether you are looking to cut expenses, or simply increase the number of qualified appointments, OBM can assist you with appointment setting effort.

Market intelligence services

Market Intelligence is about providing a company with a perspective of a market by means of existing sources of information to understand what is going on in a market place, what the issues are and what the likely market potential is. Market Intelligence can be divided into two spheres, namely market intelligence based on external data and market intelligence based on internal data. The more applicable, useful business intelligence you have of your customers, partners, and operations, the more your company can make better results and increase competitive advantage.

CATI services

CATI an acronym for Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing is an interactive front end system using the computers. This method allows interviewers to ask questions over the telephone using the interactive front end system, helping them to derive desired data without any tedious processes of managing and planning it. The reactions are concurrently recorded onto a computer system by the interviewer. With the help of our effective system and an orderly mechanism, we are able to understand your needs better for working out a script and also meeting other market needs with almost no exertion from your end.

Direct mail follow-up services

Follow-up is very critical and it should be handled in more expert and friendly manner. Without follow-up though, you will never get to be as successful. One-time advertising won't do the trick. Follow-up confirms that your customer is reminded about your product and eventually places an order. Our knowledgeable and experienced staffs at OBM follow-up every customer via phone in order to increase your income and to form a solid relationship with customers. Follow up after mass-mailing your prospects will expand your company chances of higher conversion rate, increase revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

Toll free customer support

To make your relationship with the customers more enriched and profitable, you can connect with them by means of toll free customer care services and influence the cost advantages that can only be brought in by managing the customer support. Toll free phone lines are highly reasonable calling facilities that allow businesses to make a considerable number of calls at a very small cost. OBM has devised intelligent and structured outbound promotions and call center services for customers using the toll free phone services. Boost your business and capitalize on your results by choosing to utilize our expertise and experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Every business needs to increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction survey provides a solid mechanism to collect the perception and hope of customers regarding the product/service, its delivery and the company as a whole; and can give organisations with areas to focus their energy and determinations on. Customer satisfaction is a metric and the baseline score is marked by internal benchmarking of the organisation. OBM can provide an end-to-end survey solution, which includes survey design, delivery, and analysis of results.

Telesales & customer acquisition services

The capacity of a business to attract new customers is critical to its survival in an aggressive marketplace. Our customer acquisition services range from managing databases to pointing contacts based on market research and surveys. When a business is met with touch market competition, the ability to expand their customer base is the most important part of expanding a business and the way to the long term success of any business. OBM can provide a wide-ranging customer acquisition and sales solution that is closely aligned to your sales and marketing plans.

Disaster recovery service

Call center disaster recovery plans mostly deals with replacing a damaged or inaccessible mainframe with compatible hardware. OBM’s call center disaster recovery managing services has the skills to restart its processes after a disaster. Conditions such as natural calamities, holocausts, technical snags, software hang-ups and unforeseen interruptions maybe out of your control. OBM call center disaster recovery service eliminates those erratic factors that threaten your ability to provide continuous critical services to your customers.


Telemarketing is a very common and broadly used method of contacting potential customers. The act of marketing goods or services to potential customers over telephone is telemarketing. Managing telemarketing services can help your organization enhance your existing customer relationships. Telemarketing can be an effective form of lead generation and it is often an activity that is managed to a specialist company.

Cold calling service

Cold calling is a speciality field and requires the skills of professional agents. If your company has been incapable to acquire new customers, then cold calling services may be the answer you are looking for. Cold Calling through web based centers helps you gain newer customer and improves your company’s branding. Not only does it enhance your customer base it also lets your company to streamline operations and focus on areas that need attention. OBM has a deep understanding of how businesses work and the importance of handling a planned B2B cold calling telemarketing campaign.

Customer care service

Customers are the soul of business. Without customers, no business can continue onward, which is why having outbound & inbound customer service should be a vital part of any company and Infinite Contact, a leading business management service provider, understands the value of good customer relationship. It is tough to gain customers and it is more difficult to keep up the gained customer. Bad and inadequate customer services may tend to lose your valuable customers. To gain profit in your business it is significant to care for the customers by solving their needs and requirements efficiently on time. Our professional and powerful skilled operators will handle the queries built by the customers very effectively, easily and appropriately.

Debt collection

Companies can lose significant amounts of income each year because of uncollected debt. Some commercial customers may have circumstances that delayed their payments, such as a reorganization of their company or a large failed project. Late payment can be a major stress on the cash flows of businesses of all sizes, tying up cash and resources as time and effort must be dedicated to chasing each customer. For companies that are still waiting for customers to pay late receipts for products and services that have already been delivered, debt collection can provide them with a much needed stream of income. A group of specialized collection agents are then assigned to your case. Fast, efficient and thoroughly professional, we remove the stresses of credit management to give you back the time and asset to concentrate on running your business.

Technical support services

A company that constructs and sells technical support software for a living, businesses ask us all the time whether they should be managing their support. Sometimes our customers ask us, because the answer is the key to their using Fresh desk for their tech support. If your organization is facing challenges in technical support services, consider OBM for technical support services.

Remote IT support services

IT support teams are struggling to meet the demands of those customers who have high expectations for quick resolution. Companies looking to distinguish in today’s crowded marketplace can’t depend on just product and price alone, but must provide exceptional experiences when and where customers want it—regardless of how complex the interaction. OBM provides you with remote IT support services, the smarter way of coping with the issues of your computers. Be it hardware issues or software issues, most IT related issues can be addressed remotely using the online platform.

Multichannel Support Services

Today's businesses should be in contact with their customers through a wide variety of channels spanning both voice and non-voice avenues. Multi-channel customer service options confirm quicker response times and astonishing customer engagement as companies attempt to be everywhere their customers and target markets are. OBM multichannel call center services incorporate all such channels that can be utilized to address customer issues quickly and effectively.

Email support services

Today's world is completely filled with technologies and trends and everyone is aware of email which is widely used for communication. Email services let every business to keep in touch with a large number of customers simultaneously. OBM helps you in building your brand image by promptly handling your customer’s email queries through our real-time email answering services. Our well-trained and highly experienced experts provide reliable and complete solutions to your customer’s email queries and decrease follow-ups.

Live chat support services

Many organizations prefer to have Live Chats in their Websites for quick communications. The communication can be either solving a product or service related query or request for a call back. Live chat support services can allow you to sell your products/ services in a more effective manner. More than 50% of your website visitors can be converted into potential customers by precise online support services. Our online chat support services can help your organization see an improvement in customer satisfaction.

CCTV monitoring services

Most companies and individuals increasingly need to monitor employees and properties in remote locations through security cameras. Immediate identification and action, on the issue situations and interruptions through a professional, comprehensive CCTV monitoring service: that's how OBM contributes to your organization's safety and security. Our trained teams monitor your premises and your project sites to give the top-quality surveillance you would expect from an on-site personnel - but much more cost-effectively.

Market Research & survey services

Every business will be keen to know what is going on in the market segment. OBM will help such business or organizations with a skilful and expert market research and survey management team. Market research surveys are intended to help you learn as much as you can about your target market. Predicting the market is dangerous and costly. Market research surveys can answer key burning questions and help you to grow new marketing strategies, greater brand loyalty, improved product design and more. Our effective market research and survey will make you known all the requirements of the customers that include the satisfaction level; their buying demographics etc. and provide a key for your business to reach success effectively.

Voice broadcast services

Everyone is well versed with voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Voice messaging service is the easiest aspect to use on the market platform. We at OBM contribute the best solutions that interface the customers very rapidly, effectively and the clients with the correct people with the accurate information that is being available within the concern. We opt for an exclusive approach for you to get the best service that unconditionally fits into your business.

Telephonic Auditing services

Auditing is defined as the process of audit or review of few records or invoicing agreements that has been done for safeguarding the accuracy of certain data or information. The complete process of Auditing is simplified by Telephonic Audits. The process involved in telephonic auditing benefits with time and cash, so most of them are choosing for this method for auditing. We ensure you highest standards of flexibility and ease that makes us the most preferred choice for expert telephonic audit services for businesses and individuals. This telephonic auditing process is recorded for references and with the help of this reference; it will be easy to take necessary action if in case anything goes wrong.